Manning Sucks because Manning is oh so good…

The Manning Bowl ended in predictable fashion with the Older-Better Brother winning against the Younger-Worse Brother.  Here’s an interesting tidbit about the Broncos, though.  In addition to being the best team ever (statistically true), the team has scored 90 points in two games, Peyton Manning in on pace for 72 touchdowns and no interceptions, and the defense – sans Champ Bailey and Von Miller – has 6 interceptions and 5 sacks.  Pretty impressive stuff.

The best part?  They’re not evening playing their best ball yet.

Seattle is the real deal.

I don’t necessarily mean the American football team, although last night showed they have some talent.  Beating the defending NFC Champion 49ers 29-3 is no small feat, and they are no bad team.  Seattle may look to a Super Bowl berth where, if true to form, they’ll play an old AFC West rival…duh, the Denver Broncos.

No, Seattle may be the real deal as a sports city.  Hard to believe, but it’s a very real possibility.  Seattle’s sports district is actually top-notch, with both Century Link and Safeco Field in close proximity to some good bars and such.  It isn’t Wrigley, but it certainly ain’t Turner.  More than that, the Link is raucous!  Set a world record for loudest stadium last night, and it routinely fits 40k+ for MLS matches.  So, is it safe to say that Seattle is legit as a sports city?  Well, yes and no…

…they did lose a basketball franchise to Oklahoma City.

Get Excited

Pittsburgh.  Cincinnati.  Monday Night.

Get your knitting needles, and don’t try to stab yourself out of boredom halfway through the game.  However, ol’ Georgia boy A.J. Green is playing tonight…so I guess that means something…anything?