So, by now all six of you who regularly check back are probably asking “What gives?  You’ve been back from Alabama for three weeks and all we have is one lousy post?”  Yes, I’ve been back for three (is it four?) weeks and all you have is one lousy post.  You probably have thirty lousy posts before that to enjoy, but I digress.

Part of the sparse commentary on my part is simply burnout – losing some grounding on what makes writing and politickin’ fun.  It’s hit hard, too.  In large part that is attributed to the bitter months in Alabama.  If you want a way to ruin your summer, spend it away from home…away from friends…in Alabama…  However, since I’ve arrived back I’ve began to realize some harsh realities of the world we live in, and that is that not everyone will support what you do with gusto.  Sometimes it’s a sucker punch in the gut…and that’s what I’ve had a strong dose of the past couple of weeks.  Not that criticism is a bad thing mind you.  In fact, in our professional lives, those who have a high opinion of us and our potential as individuals often time are the best sources of valid insight into the improvements we need to make.  It does serve a purpose, but that doesn’t make it less biting.  As a result I kinda pulled away from common activities and interactions with folks.

That said, something struck me at a breakfast I attended this morning.  Two individuals who I have a great deal of respect for kinda butted heads.  It happens, and I don’t think either one of them were particularly wrong in what they had to say, but it was a bit uneasy nonetheless.  In the end, I generally tend to believe the good people will be in position to do good things, and I consider them both generally good people.  Which made me kinda think…I’m good people, too.  For whatever reason, saying my part to both seemed to alleviate the burnout a little bit because it simply reminded me of that one undeniable truth – they’re good people and I’m good people.  Enough said.  I had a great and productive rest of the day, and I’m able to offer all six of you some really stellar commentary as a result.