There are still communists out there…somewhere…I guess it’s called Transnistria.

So, Spurs had a successful trip to Transnistria today…er, Moldova…for their Europa League tie against Sheriff Tiraspol.  I’ve literally had a dozen people ask me if the place Spurs played today is real.  A dozen, so for the half dozen of you that read this blog, here’s a late night post about Transnistria…er, Moldova:

  • Lewis Holtby, our spritely German midfield, thought Tiraspol was actually in Northern Ireland.  Turns out he was way off – like in about 1,500 miles way off.  As you can see from the fancy map below, there is the whole continent of Europe inbetween.


  • Apparently Transnistria still considers commies to be cool.  The national flag dons the hammer and sickle.  You know, you’ve seen it when watching Mike Eruzione and the rest of our boys in Disney’s version of the Miracle on Ice.  You saw that because we beat the commies.  Consequently, we are also undefeated against the Transnistrian National Hockey Team…
  • …which leads to the third interesting fact – nobody cares who Transnistria is.  It’s a breakaway republic in Moldova that has it’s own constitution, parliament, government, military, postal service, etc.  Problem is, Moldova is recognized internationally and Transnistria is not…and why would anyone not want to recognize this beautiful land.  Point being, Transnistria doesn’t technically exist.
  • When the occupy movement complained of big business running America, I would venture to guess many of them had not heard of Transnistria either.  Why?  One company pretty much runs the show there – Sheriff.  It. Runs.  Everything.  That’s quite a literal statement, too.  According to Wikipedia, “Sheriff owns a chain of petrol stations, a chain of supermarkets, a TV channel, a publishing house, a construction company, a Mercedes-Benz dealer, an advertising agency, a spirits factory, two bread factories, a mobile phone network, the football club FC Sheriff Tiraspol and its newly built Sheriff Stadium at an estimated cost of $200 million including a five-star hotel still under construction.”  You can say it owns everything because, after all, there is nothing else there.

So, it’s not in Northern Ireland, it’s a country of commies run by a corporation, and it doesn’t really exist.  But, UEFA counts the points earned there today in the Europa League.  #winning

Tottenham can win the EPL.

EricksenSpurs hosted Norwich City today, and thoroughly dominated every aspect of the game.  Here are some key stats:

Possession:  69% (TOT), 31% (NOR)
Shots (On Goal):  23(7) (TOT), 5(1) (NOR)

Of course, possession is nothing if you can’t score the goals.  Prior to this game, Tottenham had scored exactly zero from open play.  The two winning goals came from Soldado scoring from the penalty spot.  That said, the transfer window is closed, AVB brought in new signings since the international break, and the team looked a very impressive side today.

Most notably, Christian Ericksen looked absolutely phenomenal today.  The creativity in the midfield he will bring is exactly what this team lacked last season.  Townsend and Rose both starred today, as well.  Lamela still hasn’t had the opportunity to really dive into the team; as an Argentinian, he travelled back and forth to South America for the international fixtures the past week.  As this team comes together and gels, the possibility that silverware may come in the form of an EPL title is not entirely out of reason.  The Europa League should be a priority as it can serve as a springboard into great things next season.

Chelsea looked beat by Everton (and the scoreline reflected that), Arsenal got lucky with some bad calls, Manchester City was unable to impress against Stoke, and Manchester United still looks out of sorts.

This is a team built to win a title.  They showed why today.

Football Tidbits – September 12, 2013

England Don’t Like Racists Who Aren’t Racist

As a Tottenham Supporter, I’m proud to be part of the Yid Army.  I’m not going to pretend I have this deep history as a supporter – I started supporting the team initially because I really hate Arsenal – but I won’t deny I’m a small part of that history, regardless of how small it is.  Much larger than me, Tottenham Hotspur were historically the club that London’s Jewish community identified with.  While others would mockingly refer to Jews as Yids, they embraced it with the club in a mocking fashion (similar to the way Americans embraced “Yankee” during the Revolution).  Of course, this isn’t without some degree of controversy, but when someone supports scummy, dirty Chelsea and criticizes it, in my mind the criticism only bolsters the historical tradition by Spurs supporters.

Against that backdrop, the FA (England’s governing authority for football) warned those that use they term they could be subject to criminal prosecution and banning orders.  You read that right – you could be dubbed a criminal and banned from supporting your club – for simply using a term that has been adopted by the community of that very club.

Racism in European football is a very, very real problem.  I don’t think this is one such problem.  Considering the FA’s track record of picking coaches and a woefully underperforming national squad, I don’t think it’s to be trusted on this issue.

The United States is Brazil Bound

Tuesday night the United States Men’s National Team dominated the Mexican team.  Good.  In what has become routine in Columbus, OH, the Mexicans simply didn’t have it in them to compete.  That said, they apparently didn’t have it in them to compete against Honduras in Mexico City, and I think we might be witnessing a squad incapable of qualifying for even the playoff game against New Zealand.  But I digress…

Our national team showed some very solid pieces.  I’m not a big fan of Eddie Johnson, but he looked good against the team.  More importantly, I think Diskerud showed the promise of our up-and-coming squad that will need to fill in the gaps for Dempsey and Donovan after this World Cup.  Even more impressive than that is the support that we as a country are showing for our national team.

Football (futbol/soccer) is the only true sport that is global in my mind.  Rugby is limited in its global impact, much the same as cricket.  Given the fact that our football players are over 300 pounds and collide with the force of trucks in a headon collision, I don’t exactly envision and bunch of Frenchmen competing successfully (remember, they tried that with the NFL Europe).  I love that the United States will be well represented on the pitch and in the stands at next year’s World Cup.

Peyton Manning = God

Seven touchdowns.  About 450 yards passing.  Peyton Manning.  Enough said.  The defense played pretty well, too, considering some major starters were out of the game.  We pretty much just threw a beatdown to the Ravens.

Prediction – We go 14-2, win the Super Bowl, and Peyton Manning joins the list of demigods that are past Denver Broncos – Elway, Davis, Mecklenberg, McCaffrey, Jackson.

Tottenham Tidbits – June 20, 2013

The Guardian: Tottenham appoint Roma’s Franco Baldini as new technical director

Villas-Boas has championed the appointment of a technical director who, he hopes, can recommend transfer targets, close deals with the minimum of fuss and, also, allow him to concentrate on his primary function as a coach.

Anybody who’s part of the Yid Army knew this was coming. It was merely a matter of time before the formality was announced. The benefit to the team is clear. AVB requested Baldini be brought in to handle transfers and roster development (which will balance Levy’s tight control on the money supply), and AVB handles coaching. #winning


Express:  Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas snubs PSG who turn to Fabio Capello

Tottenham boss Villas-Boas has shown his loyalty to the North London club by rejecting the overtures of PSG, who were reportedly willing to pay his £10million buyout clause.

Suck it, frenchmen!  #winning


We are going to Brazil!  We are going to Brazil!  We are going, we are going, we are going to Brazil!  From ESPN FC:

Before 20,250 fans at Rio Tinto Stadium, the Americans remained atop the six-team CONCACAF group. The United States (4-1-1) won three straight games this month, all since a 0-0 draw at Mexico gave it a boost toward the top.

This is Tottenham exactly, but the USMNT captain is “The American” Clint Dempsey and our coach Jurgen Klinsmann…so, Tottenham is involved.  How great is this news?  Well, by itself, awesome…but it’s so much sweeter knowing that Mexico is already in Brazil and failing miserably.