A recent video posted on TruthSeekerDaily.com details the encounter of a Libertarian Open Carry Protester vs. 6 Police Officers.  I have to say, I’m a little disgusted by what transpires in the video.  (Warning:  The douchebag – I mean protester – uses the foul language in this video).

Here’s what I have to say about encounters such as this.  Government is nothing more than a collection of individual people organized to maintain social order.  Although there are many, many differences with a corporate entity, it does have commonalities that are key to remember (organization hierarchy, mission statements, measureable objectives, etc.).  That said, effectively dealing with government means effectively dealing with the agents of government.  Essentially, you’ve gotta be willing to be a people person.  This noticeable demonstration of douchebaggery is a ridiculous example of ignoring that.

I think it’s safe to say there are numerous example of government officials overstepping their bounds.  This is not one such case.  Police officers do not have easy jobs, and there are probably ten men and women out there more than willing to point a gun at an officer and shoot for every one of these “peaceful” protesters exercising their rights.  I won’t say that officers have the authority to do what they did, but I also won’t say the actions of this particular individual are justifiable.  The man was wrong, and he was a douchebag to boot.  In fact, the officer went so far as to say “…can I just explain something to you, work with me here?”  That’s hardly the comments of an “scumbag” police officer.

Our interactions with people are both learnable and teachable moments that we need to take advantage of, none more so than interactions involving the agents charged with protecting the safety and welfare of our communities.  This was one such instance where a 2nd year law student, because of course 2Ls obviously know more than veteran police officers, could have communicated in a more interactive and engaging manner instead of being an ass.  As someone who values my liberty quite a bit, I’m actually kind of pissed this child made these officers more likely to react aggressively themselves towards similar situations in the future.  Furthermore, a chance to educate them about their responsibilities as government agents was just missed.  Someone who has a greater degree of intelligence might recognize the long term goals of protecting our freedom are better served with some warmth and kindness.  I suppose they don’t teach you that until you’re a 3L, though…

Grow up, douchebag.  You’re the reason we can’t have nice things.