Football Tidbits – September 12, 2013

England Don’t Like Racists Who Aren’t Racist

As a Tottenham Supporter, I’m proud to be part of the Yid Army.  I’m not going to pretend I have this deep history as a supporter – I started supporting the team initially because I really hate Arsenal – but I won’t deny I’m a small part of that history, regardless of how small it is.  Much larger than me, Tottenham Hotspur were historically the club that London’s Jewish community identified with.  While others would mockingly refer to Jews as Yids, they embraced it with the club in a mocking fashion (similar to the way Americans embraced “Yankee” during the Revolution).  Of course, this isn’t without some degree of controversy, but when someone supports scummy, dirty Chelsea and criticizes it, in my mind the criticism only bolsters the historical tradition by Spurs supporters.

Against that backdrop, the FA (England’s governing authority for football) warned those that use they term they could be subject to criminal prosecution and banning orders.  You read that right – you could be dubbed a criminal and banned from supporting your club – for simply using a term that has been adopted by the community of that very club.

Racism in European football is a very, very real problem.  I don’t think this is one such problem.  Considering the FA’s track record of picking coaches and a woefully underperforming national squad, I don’t think it’s to be trusted on this issue.

The United States is Brazil Bound

Tuesday night the United States Men’s National Team dominated the Mexican team.  Good.  In what has become routine in Columbus, OH, the Mexicans simply didn’t have it in them to compete.  That said, they apparently didn’t have it in them to compete against Honduras in Mexico City, and I think we might be witnessing a squad incapable of qualifying for even the playoff game against New Zealand.  But I digress…

Our national team showed some very solid pieces.  I’m not a big fan of Eddie Johnson, but he looked good against the team.  More importantly, I think Diskerud showed the promise of our up-and-coming squad that will need to fill in the gaps for Dempsey and Donovan after this World Cup.  Even more impressive than that is the support that we as a country are showing for our national team.

Football (futbol/soccer) is the only true sport that is global in my mind.  Rugby is limited in its global impact, much the same as cricket.  Given the fact that our football players are over 300 pounds and collide with the force of trucks in a headon collision, I don’t exactly envision and bunch of Frenchmen competing successfully (remember, they tried that with the NFL Europe).  I love that the United States will be well represented on the pitch and in the stands at next year’s World Cup.

Peyton Manning = God

Seven touchdowns.  About 450 yards passing.  Peyton Manning.  Enough said.  The defense played pretty well, too, considering some major starters were out of the game.  We pretty much just threw a beatdown to the Ravens.

Prediction – We go 14-2, win the Super Bowl, and Peyton Manning joins the list of demigods that are past Denver Broncos – Elway, Davis, Mecklenberg, McCaffrey, Jackson.

So, what did I miss while I was gone?

For the six of you that read this blog, I’ve been in Alabama for the last couple of months (you know, that place over there yonder where people talk funny…).  So, here are a couple of the things I noticed that I missed while I was gone.

1.  I am resigned to suffer through a slew of special elections.

I left for a few months to work in a special election.  During my time away – and without asking for my advice – Barry Loudermilk, my personal choice for the 11th Congressional District, resigned his seat in the Georgia Senate in order to focus on his Congressional candidacy.  No problem, unless you ask Majority Whip Ed Lindsey, who made it clear he would not abandon the people of his district.


Naturally, some were none too pleased with this announcement.  Understandably so if you ask me, but also understandable Lindsey would make this statement.  This is the nature of campaigns.  Candidates contrast themselves from one another.  Ergo, I can understand where Lindsey is coming from on this, especially considering he has a real challenge in this race to earn his spot.  Loudermilk commands a strong following in a very significant part of the district (Bartow and Cherokee Counties), Pridemore hails from Cobb, and Barr has been in Congress before (even if his new hair color has not).  Lindsey’s gotta do something, and as a consultant type, I’d suggest to him this is the best route.

That said, there’s not much else to fall back on.  Okay, dude, so you won’t “abandon” your post.  I’m not entirely sure why this makes you a better choice for me here in Cobb.  I really don’t know what that means for folks up in Cherokee or Bartow, either.  I do think people go a little deeper than that.

The campaign season is long and I’m sure that I didn’t really miss all that much here.  I think the real fireworks might come with the fact that there are some differences among the candidates on issues and other stuff (like, ya know, running for President…as a Libertarian Party candidate).  In the meantime, we have a slew of special elections coming up because of resignations and such.

2.  “Hell No We Won’t Go!” says Karen Handel

My homeboys and homegirls in the Cobb County YRs hosted Karen Handel for the September meeting, and she made it pretty clear – she would not support U.S. intervention in Syria.  She also expressed support for the Fair Tax, defunding Obamacare through the continuing resolutions, and a general conservative position.


However, if you asked some of the folks that saw her speak, they were less impressed.  One such commenter on the event said “Better than nothing but let’s not give too much praise.”  This commenter earlier had also called the Cobb YR chairman a Nazi for the audacious standard of using the Cobb YR page for informational purposes – also a joy that I didn’t have the opportunity to be a part of while I remained away.

I’m just gonna make this thing pretty damn clear – if your retort for someone giving you an answer you don’t like is to accuse them of being a murderer of 11 million people and generally the biggest piece of garbage in human history, it better be a retort to someone calling for the extermination of 11 million people.  Otherwise, come up with something clever, sprinkled with some honesty and intellectualism, and you’ve got yourself a retort.  Otherwise, shutup.

3.  Home

Yes, it’s that simple.  I missed home.

It’s been just about 2.5 years since I moved to Georgia.  In that time, I’ve done what I feel is a pretty good job integrating myself into a professional and social network, establishing my name (mostly good), and creating an environment for myself where I can function.  Something I don’t really think I considered as much as I should have is that deeper, more meaningful relationships were forged with people I never knew existed prior to moving here.

I’ve come to realize that home is far more than an abstract concept.  There are tangible, real bonds with people that you can fully experience.  I missed laughing at the witty jokes of certain folks, or the genuine sense of accomplishment when working with clients.  I really wanted the feeling of my dogs sitting on my lap and the tight embrace of my girlfriend’s hugs.  Those are very, very real experiences that I simply don’t have when I’m not home…and Georgia’s home.  No doubt about it.

That all stands against the backdrop of visiting my family in Wyoming a few months ago, too.  I love the fact that I’m a Westerner.  That rugged individualism we cherish out there will always be a large part of the person I define myself as.  It’s not home anymore, though.  I may be a Georgian by choice and not by birth, but that doesn’t make it any less real to me.  In fact, I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that the Peach State is where my strongest bonds have developed and continue to develop.

And that’s the way home should be.

Political Tidbits – June 26, 2013

Anthony Weiner Leads in Race for New York City Mayor

Everyone loves a weiner, although the type depends on who you ask.  If you ask me, there’s nothing more adorable than these weiners.  If you ask a plurality of New York City Democrats, they prefer another type – notably, the disgraced ex-Congressman type:

[Former Congressman Anthony] Weiner has the backing of 25 percent of registered Democrats, while City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the early front-runner and a close ally of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, trails with 20 percent, according to Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal-NBC New York-Marist poll.

I’ll say this.  I’m happy I don’t live in New York, but I also don’t care that they choose to hire someone like this to run their city.  Sure, he’s an exposed liar.  Sure, he acted inappropriately using with his twitter account.  That said, I don’t care.  I live in Georgia for the exact reason that New York isn’t here (among other reasons).

Minnesota Legislator Plays the Race Card

I’ll vouch for the fact that twitter can cause problems if you don’t use it correctly.  That said, I’m not a state legislator in Minnesota.  That also said, I’m not a liberal state legislator that took to the twitterverse to call Justice Thomas a…well…I don’t really wanna say it:

Upon hearing that the Supreme Court struck down part of the Voting Rights Act, [State Rep. Ryan Winkler] took to Twitter to attack Justice Clarence Thomas as an Uncle Tom. ”#SCOTUS VRA majority is four accomplices to race discrimination and one Uncle Thomas. Marriage decision may blur Court’s backsliding,” he tweeted. He quickly deleted the tweet, but it was archived by Topsy.

So, the goal here is to protect ourselves against racist acts by using a racial epithet to describe an African-American justice on the Supreme Court – actually, the African-American justice on the Supreme Court.  Hypocrisy.

Abortion restrictions aborted in Texas by an unruly Senate mob

Texas had a special session conclude last night, and the Democrats did everything in their ability to kill a bill similar to the one that passed here in Georgia last year.  The fetal pain bill would have limited abortion to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Democrats made their last stand in the Senate, apparently with success, on the heels of a filibustering Senator and a mob in the Senate gallery:

Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, spent most of the day staging an old-fashioned filibuster, attracting wide support, including a mention from President Obama’s campaign Twitter account. Her Twitter following went from 1,200 in the morning to more than 20,000 by Tuesday night.

I think Republicans might do well to leave this one be, although I know they cannot help themselves.  Texas may have the luxury, though, of debating social issues considering their economy isn’t exactly bad.  However, I’m still of the philosophy that being pro-life means something more substantive than whittling away at Roe v. Wade.  I think we can do more to ensure single parents have economic opportunity through lower taxes, school choice, and other options.

Colorado Tidbits – June 24, 2013

Colorado’s the highest state in the nation, both in terms of elevation and in terms of marijuana.  It’s also where I went to college, and still love being a Westerner at heart.  When I tell people why Georgia is so great, I always try to say it’s just like being where I grew up…except that people have an accent here.  Here are few tidbits of goodness coming from the Centennial State.

Denver Nuggets hire Brian Shaw to replace George Karl:

The Denver Post reported earlier Monday that the Nuggets agreed to hire Shaw, one of the more coveted coaching candidates this offseason.  Citing a league source, the Post reported that the Nuggets chose Shaw over former Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins, who was Denver’s other top candidate.

Hopefully this is a good hire.  Karl did a lot of good for the Nuggets, but on the same token couldn’t take us deep into the playoffs with a team built to win.  Learning from Phil Jackson, though, will provide a good foundation for Shaw.  Plus, Indiana didn’t do too bad themselves this season.

Colorado GOP taking the fight to two Senate Dems:

This is just further evidence that Coloradans are tired of being ignored by elected Democrats.  Hopefully these recall elections will open the eyes of out-of-touch liberals like Gov. Hickenlooper, Senate Pres. Morse and Sen. Giron who have spent more time pandering to their special interests than listening their constituents.

Ryan Call is doing a great job as Chairman of the Colorado GOP.  Here’s hoping they can recall and replace these two Democrats in the State Senate.


Tottenham Tidbits – June 20, 2013

The Guardian: Tottenham appoint Roma’s Franco Baldini as new technical director

Villas-Boas has championed the appointment of a technical director who, he hopes, can recommend transfer targets, close deals with the minimum of fuss and, also, allow him to concentrate on his primary function as a coach.

Anybody who’s part of the Yid Army knew this was coming. It was merely a matter of time before the formality was announced. The benefit to the team is clear. AVB requested Baldini be brought in to handle transfers and roster development (which will balance Levy’s tight control on the money supply), and AVB handles coaching. #winning


Express:  Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas snubs PSG who turn to Fabio Capello

Tottenham boss Villas-Boas has shown his loyalty to the North London club by rejecting the overtures of PSG, who were reportedly willing to pay his £10million buyout clause.

Suck it, frenchmen!  #winning


We are going to Brazil!  We are going to Brazil!  We are going, we are going, we are going to Brazil!  From ESPN FC:

Before 20,250 fans at Rio Tinto Stadium, the Americans remained atop the six-team CONCACAF group. The United States (4-1-1) won three straight games this month, all since a 0-0 draw at Mexico gave it a boost toward the top.

This is Tottenham exactly, but the USMNT captain is “The American” Clint Dempsey and our coach Jurgen Klinsmann…so, Tottenham is involved.  How great is this news?  Well, by itself, awesome…but it’s so much sweeter knowing that Mexico is already in Brazil and failing miserably.