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Recruiting for Republican Growth

Georgia is changing. As the economic engine of the South, we inevitably attract millions of people from around the world. I believe they are attracted to what makes Georgia an amazing place to call home because our conservative values help shape those economic opportunities. Even so called “liberals” understand that low taxes, smaller government, and strong principles of individual freedom create a better place to call home than the liberal states they moved away from. We just have to do a better job of explaining why this is so.

As Second Vice Chairman, my goal is to work with our Executive and State Committees to:

Create a GAGOP Youth Advisory Council: If we had the same population as other Southern States surrounding us, Georgia would have an average of 85,000 more eligible voters under the age of 34. Also, Georgia would have about 210,000 more children under the age of 18 who will, eventually, become voters, too.

Our party cannot ignore these demographic changes to our State, or else we risk alienating voters at the time in their lives when they are most open to new ideas. This Advisory Council can help establish guidelines to assist our young auxiliary organizations like the College Republicans and Young Republicans. It can help focus energy and resources where they are needed most to recruit and mobilize young voters.

The opportunity exists. Younger voters don’t like being told what to do. Imagine how they’ll feel when they begin to understand there’s nothing that tells you what to do more than a big state government.

Publish an annual GAGOP Strategic Plan: Every successful business and organization has a mission. Our mission in the Republican Party is clear — influence conservative policy by electing Republicans to office. That is our purpose, and we’ve done well with it.

However, we can’t simply rely on our mission. Our organization relies on efficiency and effectiveness, especially at the county level, to make sure we protect the gains we’ve made in keeping government small. There is no better way to communicate a clear vision than by maintaining a regular, comprehensive Strategic Plan. This not only identifies the mission, but establishes clear and objective goals that we can measure. Most importantly, it outlines some of the key steps we’ll take to meet those goals.

Our local parties should be able to rely on the State party for clear direction and planning. This Strategic Plan is the single easiest and most effective way to ensure we share a vision across the State.

Establish a County Grant program: Large organizations around the world rely on smaller affiliates to accomplish great things at their local level. This is never more true than with the Georgia Republican Party, which means we have to do more to support our local county parties.

Used with the Strategic Plan, county grants can encourage county parties to engage in needed activity to recruit, train, and mobilize conservative activists in their local communities. These grants, with the proper planning and guidance, can ensure that the most pressing needs for any event are covered. Though these grants should not be considered the only funding source for these events, they can be used to provide funding and management support at the county level.

Our counties are vital to our success across the state, and this focused program can help support them directly in their efforts to win the battles at the ballot box.

Communicating the Republican Message

This election cycle saw a number of Republican legislative seats switch hands in spite of cutting income taxes, fully funding education, and taking major steps to continue our strong economic growth. Republicans need to tell our story, and the Georgia Republican Party can take steps to craft a narrative that is compelling and moving.

Produce a Digital Media Plan: There are so many platforms available to the Georgia Republican Party that we might not know where to begin. However, we have to identify the ways these platforms work and how they can be used by both statewide and local leadership to share the Republican message.

More than that, we have an abundance of talent that is capable of producing visually stunning and compelling content that is branded specifically for us. Small viral video spots can be produced quickly and often for free these days. Graphics and photos can be posted within hours. Stories can be told by the thousands of talented writers we have across Georgia. The possibilities are endless, but we need a plan to outline what we will do and when.

This plan, as part of our Strategic Plan, will provide the guidance to our Executive Committee, State Committee, and local leadership about what we need and why. Most importantly, it will define what can be delivered to the people of Georgia who need to see our Republican message over and over again.

Create Original Content: Every organization has a story. With the ability to produce content as mentioned above, we can begin to tell real and personal stories of Georgians who vote Republican. This is important for one simple reason — when the “media” tries to portray us as villains with yet another fake news story, we have something to point to which tells the truth.

Harnessing the talents that come with implementing our digital media plan, we can coordinate the regular production of video and photography that tell the human stories of being conservative. We can highlight our diversity, our strengths, and even how we’ve grown to overcome our weaknesses. We can remind Georgians why we are here to serve them.

People don’t always want to be lectured on conservative principles, but they do want to know how their lives can be made better by them. It’s time we tell that story.

Diversify Our Campaign Efforts: Georgia is growing more diverse every day. Blacks, Hispanics and Latinos, young Georgians, LGBT, working class Georgians — they all offer something to our state that is truly unique and special. This is especially true if they are part of our conservative movement and believe in lower taxes, smaller government, and more personal freedom.

It’s time we train ourselves to respect the individuals who make our state a wonderful place to be. We should welcome their stories, and learn from other Republicans how we can do better to recruit more people into our tent. This doesn’t mean we pander to what the media says Republicans must do. It means Republicans stand and do what we are best at — fight for the power of individuals to change lives.

Unity is a word that gets thrown around without much meaning. We don’t need to be “unified” for the sake of saying we are. We must, however, unite around a common vision of what Republicans can do for all Georgians, no matter their background. We start here, and together we’ll march to the Capitol each year with a stronger conservative base to protect our values.