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One of the most critically important parts of writing any strategic plan is the research. Part of that research is collecting feedback from important stakeholders. In this case, that’s you — the grassroots of the Georgia Republican Party!

Using the form below, I want to begin the process now of collecting all our data to begin writing the next GAGOP Strategic Plan! All of the data collected below will be presented after the GAGOP Convention in May, regardless of how the elections proceed.

Email is only used for follow-up with questions and clarification. To receive the campaign's newsletter, please use the signup form here at the website or email

The following questions are intended to be a start for discussion in creating a strategic plan for the GAGOP. Should further clarification be required, I will email you with questions. All notes will be saved in a file that is presented to the new Chairman, Executive Committee, and State Committee with a draft of the Strategic Plan.